What Length of Hair is Right For Me?

In our years of experience as one of Nashville’s premier hair salons, one of the most common questions our stylists receive is how to determine the right length of hair for a client. We love this question because our goal is always to help clients look and feel their best and we believe that starts with precision cuts perfectly suited to each individual.

Trends may come and go and we can certainly appreciate them; but a super on-trend cut may not be the most flattering for every client. While we don’t have hard rules around what is right or wrong – if you love it on you, we love it for you. That said, we do take a few things into consideration when discussing the right length and style for our clients.

So, the next time you screenshot that adorable bob on Instagram be sure to think about these factors before chopping off your locks.

Hair Texture

Your hair type plays a huge role in hair length, specifically in how long your hair appears. For our curly haired clients, it’s important to remember hair will appear almost two inches shorter than it actually is. Wavy hair will appear just a bit shorter and straight hair will look its actual length.
Texture also includes whether your strands are fine or coarse and how much hair you have. Fine hair may start to look too thin or stringy as it gets longer, though hair extensions make it possible for everyone to get the long hair of their dreams. On the flip side, coarse and thick hair could make shorter cuts more difficult to maintain without regular maintenance and thinning.

Face Shape

When it comes to finding the most flattering hair length, it’s not just texture that matters. Each face shape has haircuts that really work with what nature has given you. That doesn’t mean you can’t wear what you want, but you may want to consider which length and style has the most appeal. Not sure your face shape or what works? Check out the Best Haircuts For Every Face Shape or ask your stylist.

Personality and Lifestyle

At the end of the day, how you live and how much time you want to spend on your hair must be factored in to finding your perfect length. If you are a must-have-a-ponytail runner, a chin length cut may drive you nuts. Hate regular visits to the salon? Then you should probably stay away from bangs and short hairstyles. Love styling your hair multiple ways? Then look at which lengths suit your hair texture, face shape and the different looks you still want to play with each day.

In the end, the perfect length for you is the one you love, the haircut that feels easy and effortless and gives you the confidence to be your most beautiful self. Whether you want a major change or subtle shift, our stylists can help you find the right cut! Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

New to Nashville? Looking for the right salon? From the moment you enter our space, we want you to feel welcomed and at home. Our group of extremely knowledgeable and talented hairstylist will keep you looking and feeling your best. They not only care about your hair, they care about you as a person. At Elan, we strive to give the best experience possible, so you always leave feeling amazing!

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