Vickie Hoffmann
Nathan Brantley
Sherry Atkinson
Sara Bogach
Julia McCullough
Elliott Simpson
Laura Glass
Caitlin Burdon
McKenzie Cantrell
Suzanne Chambers
Caitlin Riestra
Rachael Dicicco
Katrina Heim
Melissa Canino
Landy Lilith
Victor Faragalli
Penny McNeese
Julianna Faragalli
Hannah Spurlock
Missy McCachern


These artists have mastered their craft and are in very high demand. At this level they are assisted by Elan apprentices, teaching the technical skills and how to efficiently run a successful chair.


Reaching this level is a lifelong career ambition for an Elan Stylist. Stylists can only reach this level after many years on the floor, honing ones craft, developing a unique identity and style, while at the same time growing a consistent clientele.


A Stylist is one who is in high demand and has mastered advanced techniques in color formulation and application, as well as razor work, hair cutting, and styling. An Elan stylist has been through more advanced education than most stylists nationwide.

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