What is Keratin Smoother and Why it’s Great

If your stylist recommends smoothing or anti-frizz products for your hair, you likely agreed to them right away. After all, you want your hair to be smooth, healthy, and well-conditioned. However, if your stylist suggests a keratin treatment, you may not have tried it before and are curious what it’s all about. If so, we’re here to help.

The treatment can be very effective for certain hair types and keeps it smooth and free of frizz for extended periods. Keratin smoothing offers several benefits, and your stylist can walk you through their process before you begin. Below is an example of what you may expect during application.

What is Keratin Smoother?

A keratin smoother seals the cuticles of the hair with a protein shield that gets rid of frizz and makes the hair softer and shinier. The entire process can take up to three hours depending on hair length and type. Before you receive a keratin smoother, your stylist will shampoo your hair and divide it into four sections: two at the top of your head and two at the base of your head. Each of these sections is divided into subsections and keratin product is applied from the roots to ends of your hair. Your stylist will also comb through the hair to ensure the keratin is distributed evenly.

Your stylist will next use a blow-dryer to dry the keratin product on your hair. Then, your hair will be parted into sections and the stylist will use a bristle round brush and the blow-dryer to give you a blow-out.

At this point, your hair should be completely dry. That’s when your stylist will part your hair into sections again and flat iron your hair to make it smoother and softer. Depending on how smooth or straight you want your hair, your stylist may pass the flat iron through each section of hair three to eight times.

How Keratin Improves the Health, Color, and Shine of Your Hair

Keratin makes your hair more manageable and gives it a smoother feel. If you get a keratin treatment after coloring your hair, the keratin will seal the color into your hair and add a healthy shine. Some people also choose keratin treatments if their hair is very curly or unruly. The treatment makes it easier to style the hair at home, which is perfect for people with busy schedules.

Who Can Benefit from Keratin Smoothing Treatment

This treatment is ideal for people with frizzy or coarse hair, since the process will make it easier to style the hair and eliminate dryness. Individuals who blow their hair out often or don’t prefer their natural curl pattern may also benefit from keratin smoothing treatments.

It’s best to consult with your stylist about whether keratin smoothing is right for you. You should also let your stylist evaluate your hair to determine the overall health of your hair and if keratin is the right fit. Your stylist will let you know which straightening treatments will give you the look and style you want.

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