Top Hair Colors for 2021

Changing color is an easy and amazing way to transform your hair. Whether you want to go for a more natural look or something a bit funkier, there are literally thousands of choices out there to give you a boost in confidence about your tresses. Unsure what you might want to try? We always recommend talking to an expert stylist about options that are best for you and your hair. However, if you are just curious, here are some new trends for the year ahead that might spark some inspiration for the next visit to the salon.

Here’s a list of the top hair colors for 2021.

Red, Red, Red!  

Have you ever looked at someone with a shock of red hair and thought, “I wish I could pull that off!”? If so, 2021 is the year to try something a bit more bold. While a bright, in-your-face red might not be the color of choice for you, there are so many shades to match any skin tone and eye color. From just a peachy hint of pigment to deeper maroon shades, there is a red out there for everyone.

 Dark is Back 

For a more striking look, consider the popular-again darker hues, from chestnut brown to dimensional black. Going dark is a great option for a wide variety of skin tones and can create a healthier, shinier glow for your hair. Consider creating a darker than normal base but layering with blonde, caramel, or even brown highlights to keep your look multi-dimensional.

 Going  Grey

If you’ve looked in the mirror recently and noticed an abundance of graying hairs, you’re not alone! You might even have an advantage going into this year. Our Instagram and Tik Tok feeds have been blowing up with people letting their grays come in and we’re loving it! While you might be tempted to just quit dying cold turkey and let it happen, we encourage you to work with your stylist during this transition. Grey hair comes in differently for everyone, and working with a professional means your hair will look more blended and intentional. For a little extra shine, a semi-permanent gloss will help prevent the gray from going yellow, and will allow for a natural looking head of hair.

At the end of the day, everyone has different color and style choices that work best for them. However, if you want to stay in the know, keeping up with 2021’s best and brightest hair colors will have you going from looking sham to glam!

Winter is Coming 

Bookmark this note for fall as many of us decide we want to add some depth to our hair color when winter comes around. If you’re looking for an adjustment that is a bit more subtle, consider opting for deeper shades of your own natural color. For a blonde, this might look like adding dimension with ribbons of darker blond shades. For brunettes, the addition of amber or gold tones will give you a richer, warmer look.

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