Tips For Making Thin or Fine Hair Look Fuller

Waking up in the morning with luxurious thick hair may sound like a dream come true for some of us. Most of us don’t get the luxury of working with very thick hair all the time and are struggling to figure out how to style our thin hair. Thin or fine hair is naturally beautiful with its silky shine. But sometimes, you may want to go for a fuller, more voluminous look. We get it. So here are three style tips to help you make your thin hair look fuller. 


  1. Get a Fresh Haircut

Getting a new style can easily take your long, fine locks and transform them into a voluminous doo. Cutting off dead ends will help get rid of any extra weight pulling your hair down. There are a couple of hairstyles that always make hair look fuller as well. Consider going for a chic bob that adds instant volume to your style, it’s worth the chop. You can also consider going for a balayage to add depth and dimension to your look, creating the perfect illusion of a full style without the upkeep. 


  1. Try a New Shampoo and Conditioner System

We know you’ve probably heard that not washing your hair can help add volume to your style, but with thin or fine hair that isn’t the case! Using the right shampoo every other day will help get rid of oil buildup at the roots that weigh your hair down. Keeping your scalp healthy also promotes hair growth which will ultimately add to your full look. Choosing the right conditioner will help prevent split ends, which tend to be worse on thin hair. You can add a hair mask to your routine or swap out your old conditioner for a deep conditioner. Using volumizing shampoos and conditioners can add that extra, natural volume you’ve been looking for while keeping your hair healthy and strong. 


  1. Hair Dry and Air Dry 

Depending on the look you are going for, the way you dry your hair can help add volume. When using a hairdryer, make sure to incorporate hair products that promote waves and curls while creating volume with your brush. When air drying, you can opt for a more natural look to emphasize your hair’s natural texture. Try switching up your hair drying techniques for different looks and levels of volume. Over time, you’ll find the right routine with the right amount of volume for you. 


No matter where you are on your hair journey, there are always ways to add more volume to your look. From at-home routines to a trip to the salon, we know you’ll get your hair looking full and healthy in no time. If you don’t know where to start, be sure to schedule an appointment with us. One of our stylists will be happy to address your hair needs and find the perfect style and products for you!


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