Steps to Relieve Dry Hair


The state of your hair can make or break your day. And we know you want it to look healthy and beautiful as often as you can. When our hair is dry, it can lose its healthy glow and shine, and who wants to deal with that? Here are four steps that can help relieve your dry hair and get it to bounce back in no time.

  1. Lay Off the Styling Tools

One of the leading causes of dry hair is overusing hot styling tools. From blowouts every week to using your flat iron every morning, overusing heat styling tools is a sure way to damage and dry out your hair. Making sure you don’t use heat on your hair every day is a great way to give your hair a break. But if you are going to use heat styling tools often, consider adding heat-protecting products to your routine to lessen the damage and keep your hair looking healthy. Feel free to ask an Elan stylist about what products will work best for you!

  1. Wash Your Hair Less Often

If you wash your hair every day, this may not sound like the best recommendation. But washing your hair too often can strip your hair of its natural oils, leading it to become dry and brittle. Most people can get away with washing their hair once or twice a week. And the less you wash your hair, the longer you can keep a style, further lessening the use of damaging styling tools.

  1. Finding the Right Products

There are different products specific to every hair type. If you’re using the wrong products, you could be causing more damage to your hair than good. If you’re suffering from dry hair, you’re going to want to find products that target that problem. Make sure you know what kind of hair type you have and check products before you buy them. If you have dry hair you can also consider products that include hair care oils like argan oil, coconut oil, or avocado oil.

  1. Getting Professional Help

If nothing else is working, it may be time to get yourself to the salon. From using the wrong products to leaving your split ends go for too long, a stylist can help you get the shine back in your hair. Your stylist can also give you product recommendations that are sure to work for your hair type and style routine.

Nobody wants to have brittle, dry hair. To get some life back in your hair, talk to your stylist about creating a great routine to help your hair look smooth and shiny all the time. Bye-bye split ends and hello beautiful!



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