Should I use a Deep Conditioner?

Your hair is quite the warrior. Every day your hair is exposed to sun, chemicals, or hot styling tools that can cause serious damage to your mane. Damage to your hair can build up over time and even lead to breakage. To avoid dry, brittle hair and reverse previous damage, everyone should consider adding a deep conditioner to their beauty routine. It doesn’t matter if your hair always has a gorgeous healthy shine to it or is plagued by split ends and excessive heat. Adding a deep conditioner treatment to your beauty regimen will keep your hair looking and feeling healthy. 


What is Deep Conditioner? 


Unlike the everyday conditioner you use when washing your hair, deep conditioners are hair products that you use to supplement your normal hair care routine. Deep conditioners coat and treat any damage your hair may have. They also sit for longer and soak into the hair. These products are formulated to hydrate and soften hair that’s been damaged by chemical treatments like hair color or permanent straightening. They also help hair that’s been affected by heat exposure from styling tools like curling and flat irons. Deep conditioning products can make your hair feel softer and look healthier while further preventing damage and breakage. These products also physically strengthen your hair from the inside out. Allowing a deep conditioner to soak into your hair and penetrate dry locks will keep it strong and healthy. 


How Often Should I Deep Condition?


If you have thin or fine hair, deep conditioning too often can lead your hair to feel heavy and weigh you down. If your hair is textured or very dry, you may benefit from deep conditioning your hair frequently. It’s important to talk to a hairstylist about your hair type and how it could benefit from deep conditioning. Our stylists will be happy to discuss your specific hair needs  and find the products and routine that will be best for you. 


Which Products Should I Use? 


Deep conditioners contain great moisturizing ingredients to lock in all of their healing nutrients. Many products feature nourishing oils like avocado and argan oil. If you’re not sure which products to use, feel free to consult with our stylists. We have a range of products for every hair type. We offer R+Co deep conditioners that are formulated with hair health in mind. They are also the perfect choice for health-conscious individuals as they’re vegan, cruelty-free, and gluten-free. We also carry Oribe and Kerastase products focused on luxury hair experiences to bring your hair to its full shine and glory. Keeping your hair healthy starts with using the right products and our stylists are more than happy to work with you to find the perfect deep conditioner for your hair. 


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