Should I Consider Hair Extensions?

We’ve all been there – in front of the mirror staring and wondering “what should I do with my hair”? Is it time for a new cut? Maybe now’s the chance to play with color? Should I consider hair extensions?

Ultimately, we recommend a consultation with an expert stylist as soon as you start to question your hair. However, in our experience we’ve found that hair extensions truly are a simple and easy way to fall in love with your locks all over again.

Here are four times our clients have considered hair extensions and been amazed by the results.

Added Length

Thanks to Tik Tok and Instagram, we watch celebrities go from long bobs to Rapunzel overnight. Though it may seem like magic, it’s really just quality extensions. If you’ve been feeling frustrated that your hair won’t grow past a certain point or feel the pang of regret on a big chop, extensions are the fastest way to achieve longer hair.


For ladies struggling with thinning hair or hair loss, extensions bring immense relief by adding much-needed volume. In fact, even those with fine hair love the effect of hair extensions. Curls have never looked so full and beautiful than when extensions are incorporated. Styling your extensions this way also helps with blending.


If you’ve ever wanted to try color without damaging your hair from bleach, consider extensions. Of course, they work best for looks incorporating ombre, highlights or even pastels or bright colors. Not only will you keep your hair protected, your commitment to the look is far less permanent than dye.

Special Occasions

Maybe you rock a shoulder-length style and love it, but want to do something extra special for a wedding or other event. Hair extensions make it easy to play with up-dos, interesting braids and extra thick curls. We’ve helped many clients show up for a big day looking their absolute best thanks to extensions.

Not all extensions are equal! At Elan, we only use the brands we trust. Not only can we help you decide which one is right for you, we promise to help you understand exactly how to maintain your extensions to keep them looking beautiful longer. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and learn more about how we can help you love your hair again!

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