Finding the Perfect Stylist


Doing your hair every day and trying to come up with new styles can get exhausting. After having the same haircut for a while, it’s easy to get a little bored with it. Now and then, we all want something new to spruce up our look. This is where your hairstylist comes in! Finding the perfect stylist for you can change your everyday drab into completely fab. Here are some tips for finding the perfect stylist for you!

Research Salons Near You

Whether you’re on Google Maps or even searching on Instagram, there is bound to be a salon near you that has incredible stylists. Why make going to the salon more of a trip than it has to be? It should be a fun and relaxing experience rather than a stressful one. When you find a salon that’s in a good location, check out the reviews! Many salons will have reviews of stylists from that business. If you find one that checks your boxes, that may be the place you want to go. You could even see if that stylist has their own social media or bio on the salon website and check out if their work is a match for you.

Ask Some Questions

So you’ve found a salon near you with a stylist that looks amazing. Now is the time to ask all of your questions to see if they’re the perfect fit. You can ask about their experience, what hair types they are most confident working with, and if they are knowledgeable about coloring hair as well. Most importantly, ask the questions that will best help you decide if they are the right fit for you. Think of how you would like them to spruce up your look and if that stylist is the right choice to do so.

Schedule a Consultation

You’re finally ready to see if this is the perfect fit, so the next step would be to schedule a consultation. It doesn’t have to be a big cut and color, but maybe a small trim or a blowout. You can use this time to get a feel for the stylist and see if your personalities match for further sessions.

No matter what kind of new style you are going for, our stylists at Elan Hair are here to help. Check out our website for detailed bios and information on each of our stylists. Many of them even have personalized galleries so you can see exactly what you can get before making your choice. Each stylist is unique and enjoys working on different styles and we’re sure one of them is bound to be your perfect fit!



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