5 Tips for Maintaining Your Hair Extensions

Looking to add length or volume to your hair? Interested in changing your look for something new? If so, hair extensions are a fantastic option. Not only do they give you flexibility, they look amazing. We love watching clients fall in love with the transformative effect hair extensions can have. Of course, once you’ve opted to get them, it’s crucial to care for them properly.

These tips for maintaining your extensions will help them look better for longer, so that you get the most out of your new look.

Tip 1: Brush Regularly And Gently

Brushing regularly, with the right brush, is essential. Use an extension brush, paddle crush or at least one made of nylon or soft bristles. You’ll need to brush daily and every time you take out the extensions. It’s best to divide the hair in sections and hold the section with one hand while you detangle it with the other. This prevents putting too much stress on the hair and gently removes the knots. Otherwise, you risk breakage or even pulling the extension out.

Tip 2: Wash Regularly Too

If you are new to extensions you may not be aware that you can wash them while they are in, but you can and should! Like brushing, the key is to be gentle with the process. Working the shampoo in slowly, wash from the top down and rinse. Mind the roots and avoid scrubbing roughly or over-shampooing. Apply conditioner from the mid-shaft to the ends, working it through the hair gently to remove tangles. Don’t condition the roots though as this could cause the bonds to unravel more quickly. Avoid shampoos with sulfates and harsh detergents; look for those with hydrating and moisturizing ingredients.

Tip 3: Use Products Correctly

At Elan, we ensure that each client knows exactly which products to use and how to use them before leaving the salon. The right products keep your hair soft and manageable while the wrong ones will strip your hair of much-needed natural oils. Once more, avoid sulfates as strip color and oils as well as break down the bonds. This can leave your hair dry and more prone to tangling or matting.

Tip 4: Dry Carefully

Skip the blow-dryer as much as possible as it also makes hair extensions more vulnerable to breaking. A micro-fiber towel is a life-saver during air drying as it removes the excess water without damaging the hair.

Of course, we know there are times when letting your hair air dry just isn’t feasible. When you must blow-dry be sure to add in a heat-protectant spray and use the cool setting. Your hair will be at its weakest point while wet so resist the urge to brush until your hair is about 90% dry.

Tip 5: Get Regular Maintenance

Just like natural hair needs regular maintenance, so do your hair extensions. As your hair grows, the hair that is attached to your extensions, also grow. Because of this we suggest an appointment every 4-6 weeks to move the extensions up, so they remain at your root and don’t grow out with the rest of your hair. This minimizes the pull of the hair that is attached to your hair extensions and minimizes damage at the root of your hair.

Looking after your extensions is an important part of extending the life and wear of them. The better care you give to them, the longer they will last. Though it may seem like a lot of work, our clients find it’s well worth the process to enjoy a new, more confident look!

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