Alfaparf’s Semi Di Lino

Semi Di Lino

Semi Di Lino is upgraded with innovative technology to not only sustain color and provide shine, but also protect the hair from everyday pollutants. The new and improved Semi Di Lino not only makes hair beautiful, but it makes hair eternal.

The Diamond category is for clients with normal hair. In addition to the Urban Defense Complex and Shine Fix Complex, Diamond products also contain vitamins to increase antioxidant properties in the hair’s cuticle. When tested, Diamond products were shown to increase shine by 37%.

For clients with drier hair, use products from the Moisture category. Moisture products have sugars extracted from honey which retain water inside the hair fiber to rehydrate and nourish. The Moisture products not only give hair a soft and silky appearance, but they also made hair 114% more manageable when tested.

Damaged hair will benefit from products from the Reparative category. Reparative products gradually restores and strengthens the hair from the inside out. After using Reparative products, the hair’s fiber was 14% stronger during testing.

Top Products include Illuminating Shampoo, Illuminating Conditioner, Reparative Low Shampoo, Cristalli Liquid, Anti-Breakage Daily Fluid

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