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J. Daniel Ayers, PA-C
Cosmetic Injector

J. Daniel Ayers, PA-C - Cosmetic Injector

A graduate with honors from the University of Alabama School of Health Related Professions, Elan welcomes back J. Daniel Ayers, PA-C. As a board-certified physician assistant, Daniel possesses a wealth of hands on experience encompassing the artistry of aesthetic medicine and techniques. During the past 12 years, he has trained under several of the most renowned leaders in the aesthetic and anti-aging industry. His philosophy is to "keep it simple and natural," and he strives to promote understanding through educating his clients on how to preserve, perfect and protect not just the face but the body as a whole. He also believes it is imperative to focus on four distinct qualities that comprise perfect skin: color, texture, volume and elasticity and to provide treatment recommendations that address each quality individually yet collectively.

Awarded 2017 Preceptor of the Year by the Tennessee Academy of Physician Assistants, Daniel takes pride in teaching PA students at Trevecca University here in Nashville, Tennessee where he holds both adjunct faculty and guest lecturer status. "Becoming a preceptor has made me a better clinician because I now have students listening and learning from my every move. I've discovered it is most important for people to take a way something very valuable during their time with me - a concise and clear understanding as to the 'what and why we are doing that which we do.'"