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What’s The Rule for Skin Tone & Hair Color

by ELAN Nashville on Aug 01, 2014

What’s the rule for skin tone and hair color? First, let us commend you on asking the right question before jumping in to a new hair color!

It’s very important to choose the right color for your skin tone so the end result will be as glorious in reality as it is in your mind. The first step is to figure out if your skin tone is warm or cool.  For a quick test, look at the veins in your forearm in natural light. Green veins indicate a warm skin tone. Blue veins indicate a cool skin tone.
Warm skin tones have a yellow or golden undertone and look best when hair color has a warm overtone.
On the contrary, cool skin tones have pink or blue undertones and look better with hair color that has a cool overtone.
Hair color that goes with your complexion will look more natural, will blend well with the color of your skin and could even enhance your complexion more than your natural hair color.  Putting the wrong color on your hair, however, can achieve the opposite effect and drain the color from your skin.

When in doubt, always consult your stylist or one of our Elan experts who can easily guide you through the process of enhancing your look with the perfect statement-making color for you.