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Volbella Lip Enhancement

by Keri Engels on Feb 17, 2017

Who thinks of lip enhancement without visualizing a Victoria's Secret model ... or dreams of pillow lips but fears trout mouth pout?

Well ...  Now is the time to reconsider! There is a new injectable filler on the block and her name is Miss Juvederm Volbella. Launched by our friends at Allergan, you know who that is (Botox, Voluma, Latisse, Juvederm). In addition to that party Volbella is an injectable filler created specifically for the lips.

Now ... Let's have a beauty talk. As a very seasoned nurse injector this product is a game changer. I had the pleasure of testing this product before it's official launch and it's impressive for the recipient and for the provider. It is unlike anything else I've ever personally felt or cosmetically injected. No lumps, bumps, or swelling, it’s just so effortlessly natural.

It's especially impressive with the vertical smoker lines above the lip that have previously been such a challenge to treat with a cosmetic injectable. I've watched them disappear like a magic eraser.

Another lovely plus I noticed is that it adds a nice silky pink sheen and feel. Your lips will feel like what you had at age 18 ..... Simply sexy!

What makes this filler unique? It's Vycross technology a.k.a. it's a very, very thin and smooth product that produces great lift capacity with longer lasting results. So Instead of six months and that's stretching it for previous lip injections, now we can get results for a year. In fact, a company led study found that over 90% of patients reported natural looking lips with more than 80% of them still satisfied with the results after one year. The cherry on top is the introductory price is only $400!

Every one will be getting new lips just in time for Spring!