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The New Grunge

by Fiona McLeish on Nov 10, 2015

Most people assume that, me being an assistant hairdresser, I am really good at styling my own hair. While I probably have more practice than the average joe with a round brush, that doesn’t mean that I don’t get the thing stuck and briefly contemplate where my closest pair of scissors are. I absolutely love making hair full, shiny, beautiful, and curled. I also don’t have the time to do that every day; or even every time that I shampoo (let’s be honest, it’s like twice a week). So for those who like to be a little more ‘on trend,’ we have #TheNewGrungeScene. It’s merely just a more modern way of that relaxed, rebel look we all fell for in the 90’s.

Grunge HairGrunge is something that has definitely been making a comeback in the last couple of years, even though it’s birth was just in the 90’s, thanks Kurt Cobain! I can feel the crazy look already through the screen, calm down. They've definitely kind of refined the look by now. It’s not just not washing your hair anymore. There is definitely plan and style behind this movement that can range from air drying and ‘fluffing’ to power drying with a brush and refining with a curling iron and everything in between.

Usually, when I’m styling my hair a little grungy I start by towel drying it. After that, I grab my products. I recommend a heat protectant/hair primer, a volume mousse or spray for the roots, and some form of styling creme for the ends. Then, I start by tipping my head upside down. Yes, this is a real technique, and yes, you are going to have hair flying in your face. I concentrate the bow drying nozzle (with the concentrator bit on the end) on just my roots. The goal is to just get the roots dry all over. After that is done, I make sure that the ends are only damp.

Grunge HairFast forwarding how ever long my hair decides to take to air-dry that day, I decide whether or not I want to use the iron. If I do decide to throw some curl in it, I do so randomly. While it is all curled, some bits are just wavy to even almost straight. Then, I wait for it to cool down. Once that is done, I reach for a texturizing spray and lift up pieces, spraying it towards the root. I then grab more of an almost spray wax and spray it on the very ends. Afterward, I flip my head upside down and tousle the crap out of it.

Grunge HairAnd poof! That is how the ‘new grunge’ look is made. (This is also making your hair look less like you just washed it). I know what you’re thinking “It’s not supposed to look oily!!!” Why by jolly you’ve cracked it! It doesn't look oily, it looks grungy and hopefully like you’ve been in a wind tunnel; quite possibly like you should also be waiting in line for tickets to a Green Day concert circa 1999. This is the goal people, and as long as you don’t have loads of green around your eyes, you should be fine.