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The Lowdown on Highlights

by ELAN Nashville on Oct 01, 2014

The difference between amazing highlights and bad highlights lies in the precision and skill of the stylist, and the quality of the product.

A lot of people think highlights are highlights are highlights.

A lot of people are wrong. Elan offers the Cadillac of highlights with the Balayage Color technique.

Most of Elan’s 25 stylists are skilled in this technique, having been trained by a Master Colorist and Educator from the Di Pietro Todd Academy in San Francisco. (That’s a pretty big deal, in case you didn’t know.)

Balayage gives hair that extra “oomph,” that “zhoozh factor,” that “je ne se quoi,” through a more natural-looking highlight that looks like it came from luxuriating under the sun.

While Balayage is ideal for a subtle look, it also allows for pops of color with strategic placement on small sections of hair which look as though they grew out of the head. This means highlights don’t need to be touched up as frequently.

The versatile Balayage Technique also allows for the popular Hombre look. In this application method, highlights are added through the lengths of the hair, leaving the root area darker.

This can also be achieved with a traditional foil highlight, but Balayage results in a much more seamless look from the roots to the ends.

Consult your Elan stylist today subtly step up your style today with highlights that are more than just highlights.