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The Groom's Turn

by Adam Barnes on Aug 31, 2016

We just finished with our big wedding season and I had a lot of fun planning out and dolling up all that beauty for aisle walking! Beautiful Hair, beautiful makeup… Everyone knows weddings are for the bride … or lets be honest, sometimes more for the mother of the bride! ;) But there was one thing I kept thinking with my own wedding coming up; what about my guys?!

Why are my fellas getting left out of the glam plan? Isn’t the groom also gonna be in every picture? (Sometimes, even both betrothed are men!) Does one just expect for a guy to show up all “groomed” and on point all on his own? Maybe some of the promised men out there do well at planning their look for their day of love, but I’m wagering most do not. Heck! I know they don’t since half my clients are men. So what do we do about it? I’m glad you asked!

Ladies and certain gentlemen, if your man doesn’t already have a good stylist, please make them an appointment at least two months in advance of the big day. If they’re opposed to the expense, it’s maxed out at only a few appointments; the last of which would be a free freshening of the neck line and sideburns. Elan never charges for that! And we hairdressers may need a couple of times to suit the hair to the man (taking into account hair type and your guy’s styling ability!). Let us handle the rest! We’ll teach him to style it for the big walk and try to get him armed with the grooming products he’ll need to execute it!

When reading this, you might feel like you’re the person I’m writing about, call the salon for an appointment right now!

ELAN Germantown 615.255.1419

ELAN Green Hills 615.269.0222

Just in case either of you are looking for inspiration, check out Google Images, or my favorite, Pinterest!. This year’s looks have been a little all over the place with beards and undercuts, but all of them have been really clean for matrimony.