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Should Keratin Scare My Hair?

by ELAN Nashville on Aug 15, 2014

Wondering about an actually efficient hair straightening treatment? Keratin treatments do not chemically alter the makeup of the hair follicles.

For some, hair-straightening treatments may bring to mind images of smoke wafting from the head of a frizzy-headed damsel in distress. But the meteoric rise in popularity of Keratin treatments speaks volumes about the safety of these (smoke free) straightening treatments.

As with most products – and tools and heavy machinery, for that matter – safety is the responsibility of the operator.

According to our Elan Experts, Keratin treatments provide a minimally invasive way to smooth and straighten coarse, curly and/or unruly hair because Keratin treatments do not chemically alter the makeup of the hair.

During the treatment, heat is applied to the hair causing the Keratin to temporarily bond to the hair. Depending on the treatment (they vary in strength) the Keratin will slowly wear off in 3-4 months (stronger versions) or 6 weeks (weaker versions).

Elan stylists use Keratin brands from human hair Keratin and lambswool (the closest type of human hair Keratin).

In the majority of reports about hair damaged by Keratin treatments, the fault has lied with the stylist who used a flat iron too hot for a client’s hair type – not caused by the product itself.

The recommended temperature is 450 degree’s by the manufacturer, but it should be adjusted as low as 400 degrees for fine or compromised hair, our experts say.

Consult an Elan professional to discuss straightening treatments for your hair and start running your fingers through relaxed and happy hair in no time.