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by Adam Barnes on Sep 15, 2015

Where have I been?! I love this! As an expressive hairdresser, I love painting with my words. And just to be honest, verbiage can be just as important as my skill level when assuring my client’s comfort with a new direction in the hair department.

Sexy Texture Hair

Beautiful tousled hair

My recent challenge has come through trying to describe the “now” texture. The current trend looks like you curled it yesterday but has volume as if you rolled around on it this afternoon. It’s not messy, just relaxed without losing its umph!


I’m SO done using the words #BedHead and #Tousled. Too many times for my liking, I’ve said “Care-Free Stye” when we all know it takes more work than being carefree about it! So here we go… let’s put some sexture into that hair!

Now… How? First thing’s first; start with a great blow out! The bigger, the better! You need a heat protectant and volume mousse. Davines has a great heat shield and a volume mousse that I always use! Heck! At this point, no one’s gonna hate adding some volume spray at the root. Bumble and bumble has Thickening Hairspray for this or you can spritz with Sea Salt mist from Davines. Now, round brush it big, girl! Afterward, spray in some flexible hairspray to set in an quick curl. You can do this with a big curling iron, rod or even a flat iron as long as your comfortable with using it. It’s super important that you not do this perfectly (I know. That’s good news, right?!) Section off tall, vertical pieces to curl into spirals rather than the flat barrel curls.

Curling Hair for Texture

After it cools, rake your fingers through with a little texture cream, like Invisible Serum from Davines or spray with Cityswept from Bumble and bumble. If you need more hold, finish it with a little medium hold spray (something easy to touch) or just powder it with Texture Dust by Davines or Dryspun by Bumble and bumble. What kind of technique? Think back to the 90’s “spray&scrunch” and hit it! It’s all about a lot of volume and just a little frizz.

Here’s a before and after:
Before and After Sexy Texture and Curls
Above all, have fun! You’ve SO got this!