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Natural Cures for Hair Growth

by Adam Barnes on Nov 15, 2017

So many of my clients prefer natural products when possible now-a-days. I totally get this because I’m too seek nature first. But science really is here for a reason and advancements have happened. That’s why I’m grateful my salon treats our clients with lines made from nature - science combos.

Natural Hair Regrowth

More and more, lately, my clients have been asking about benefits of apple cider vinegar (ACV) and Castor Oil; if they really can relieve a variety of scalp conditions like dandruff, or psoriasis? Moreover, can it boost hair growth. - Let’s talk.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Castor Oil


  • ACV is microbial made from the fermentation of mashed apples and can have positive effects in the gut and contains anti-glycemic properties, possibly reducing high blood sugar levels. (Tests are underway.)
  • Castor oil is made from a seed that finishes its break-down in the gut and has been used for years to regulate “the natural flow”.


  • These are effective treatments for curing skin problems such as dandruff, dermatosis, fungal infections, and hair loss.

First, ACV:

Many have claimed the benefits of an ACV rinse for hair growth for millennia, although there is still very little published research on this if any at all.  According to United Kingdom's hair loss treatment specialists of the Belgravia Centre:

No matter what you do with it, ACV will not cure or treat hair loss. ...it is an ancient remedy for making hair shine and treating dandruff that is said to have been favored by the Romans.

Ancient times y’all! - It only clarifies the hair and scalp, helping the symptom but not the cause.

Because of ACV's natural acidity, it’s a good clarifying hair rinse that can help smooth down the cuticle of hair (like little scales that keep your hair looking shiny and smooth feeling). It’s true, however, ACV could reduce frizz, encourage tangles to slip, and/or give it more of a healthy glow.

Natural RemediesNow, Castor Oil:

Any evidence of castor oil’s effectiveness as more than a laxative is only anecdotal at best. You’d be better off talking to your stylist or doctor about therapies that are proven to get results. I’ll bet neither would recommend castor oil for much more than treatment of occasional constipation.

So while there’s no medical evidence that either of these natural products will cure dandruff, psoriasis, or help hair growth in any way, there’s also  no evidence that using ACV in a rinse or occasionally using Castor Oil as a scalp massage is unsafe, so try it if you want.

For me and my hair loss, I was successful using a combination of a treatment shampoo called Zenagen made by a bio-engineer here in Tennessee that effectively creates a safe growing environment for thicker faster hair growth and a replacement surgery called Neograft. Ask me about it any time!