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Layers Baby!

by Adam Barnes on May 12, 2016

So, here we are! It’s Spring already and Summer is knockin’ at the door. Most of us are swapping our wardrobes over and bronzing up the ol’ makeup palette. But what’s a lady to do with all her hair she’s been growing out?!

Don’t worry, I’m not going to suggest we cut it all off again. (Especially not after all the painstaking care it’s taken to grow out that mermaid hair!) No, no no. Let’s keep all that length but mix things up a little. That’s right, it’s time for LAYERS BABY!!!

Our salon just hosted a class on interior layers last week and it has changed the shape of a lot of my clients’ hairstyles. And just when we were all starting to get bored with all that long hair, but per the norm, no one ever wants to lose any length.

Look at these Googled images here for example:

Layered Hair Examples

What do you need to know about internal layers? Only that you can keep all that long hair you’ve grown out PLUS get more dimension and movement! They’re kind of like secret layers. You can smooth them flat or curl them out, even scrunch in that undone/bedhead look. And they’re different than having regular layers because those little hairs always falling out of your ponytail and into your face! That’s right, girls! They are “pony-safe” layers! :))))))

Like I said earlier, we all just brushed up on them here at Elan so call in and get’em while they’re h-o-t-t ! We’re excited to switch things up for you! Bring on the Summer Hair Lovin’!