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It's All Coming Undone!

by Adam Barnes on Oct 24, 2016

Well, that’s the new thing to work for anyway. Let me back up… We’ve all seen for years the distressed jeans and stretched sweaters. This need for wearing things out before we wear them started taking back its hold a few years ago. And now with 90’s angst and punk trending, you can bet it ain’t going anywhere anytime soon!

UnDone Hair
80s hair - frizz

Remember 90’s hair? Wavy, straight, little bit of frizz? No problem! Search the hashtag #UnDoneHair. It’s everywhere!

Don’t get it twisted (unless that’s what you’re going for that day), I like -nay- LOVE that we’re getting into showing our natural texture and movement in hair. Gone are the days the dreaded flat iron sizzled the life out of our locks. Back are the days of unique texture. That said, you can’t necessarily just “wake and roll”. Here’s how to get the looks I’ve sourced from this season’s runway.

Nightly shampooer: After applying a light hold gel or cream, part hair down middle and pull small, loose twists into a low loose pony tail to dry over night.

Daily Shampooer: Part hair down middle and make small, loose twists and diffuse with a dryer (use that attachment you didn’t realize you’d ever need.) Remember when drying: We’re trying to create  texture, not smooth the hair.

Second day hair: Use dry shampoo if needed and brush out.

Styling after either: If needed, use a warm curling iron to make loose barrel curls. Spray a little texture like Texture Spray by Davines or Bumble and bumble’s Dryspun. Fluff out and walk the runway. That’s it!

Topsy Tail hairWhat’s great about 2nd or 3rd day hair? (or God bless a 4th day even!!!)  A messy pony. That’s right ladies! The low pony and even the topsy tail is back with style! So rake that #UnDoneHair style back low and loose, girl. Wrap a little piece of hair around the ponytail holder and secure with a pin or flip it inside out like #OldSchool.