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Hello to HALO!

by Adam Barnes on Oct 14, 2015

After making a somewhat (entirely) rational, Pinterest-inspired chop to my fairly long locks, I was left with the reality that it would be quite a while to achieve the length and volume I saw get swept away from the salon floor. I'm sure I'm not the only one whose hair seems to grow at a snails pace no matter how many prenatals or Biotin I take! And I knew it would be light years before I was able to fishtail and sock bun like I used to. Something had to happen.


You've probably heard and seen many types of hair extensions out there. There’re tape-ins, clip-ins, glue-ins, keratin bonds, micro-bead, etc. The options seem endless. But if you are like me with fine thin hair the choices get a little more narrowed. Add in the responsibility of multiple steps of daily care on top of some fairly large prices and I was left hoping for an overnight  miracle that could grant me a high-pony.

Sexy Texture Hair

Enter the magical world of Halo Couture Extensions.

Maybe you are waking up with your cup of coffee and preparing for your everyday routine. Or, maybe you are adding the final touches to your smokey eye for a night on the town with someone special. Getting married? Oh, just wait...

Before and after Halo couture extensions

Halo Couture Extensions are hands down the most delightfully simple hair extension I have yet to come across. With no complicated process, glues, clips, or bonds, the Halo attaches by a simple, comfortable, and invisible miracle wire. Picture slipping a thin invisible headband on with long lustrous locks  attached. Amazing, right! The hair is full of volume and shine and ready for simple beach waves or an intricate updo. 

The best part (in my opinion)-you can put the Halo in yourself in just a couple of minutes! Taking it out is just as simple! 

The nights of dreaming of my lost fishtail braid and long hair are a thing of the past. I now have beautiful flowing hair full of volume just waiting for me every morning to put in and style!