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Glow-in-the-Dark Hair

by Adam Barnes on Mar 13, 2017

Wow! The 80’s and 90’s just won’t stop giving us life again!

Bring on the NEON!

Everyone can recall an image (either from the original era or from movies based out of it) of a bunch of kids sitting under a black light seeing what glows; or maybe it’s a roller rink with glowing frayed denim and brightly colored airbrushed t-shirts, or from my past, a rave with all kinds of blacklight accessories! (But that’s a different story.) Whether you’re sporting neons at a beach party or into the night, it’s hard to think about blacklight reactive colors and not think of fun!

Now imagine all that party and fun time in your hair! Why not? We’ve been doing the #pastelhair trend so long, they’ve literally turned into the new #greyhairdontcare! Want to turn heads again? Break out that blacklight baby! It’s time for #NeonHair and #glowinthedarkhair! And yes, it can show well in the daylight. A warning: Expect that crazy color to last about as long as the party. ;)

Neon Hair Color - 1980s Style

Neon Hair - Glow in the Dark
Neon Hair Color - 1980s Style
Glow in the Dark Hair Color
Glow in the Dark Hair Color