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Eyebrows Vs. GuyBrows

by Adam Barnes on Sep 20, 2017

I know what you’re thinking… "first you took away our cargo shorts, now you wanna pluck our brows. What’s next?! Makeup?" Well, calm down, Henry! We’re not getting crazy!

It just might be time to clean things up a little. After all, brows can make you look strong and powerful or weak. They can even make an eligible approachable or not. So pay attention to these simple guidelines for a great #guybrow. It won’t hurt…much.

Unkempt Guy Eyebrows
Trimmed Guy Eyebrows


-First thing’s first. Ask a guy with really great brows for a reference on where to go, not a woman. It’s just a better bet that a guy’s groomer will def know what a guy needs where a lady's groomer might be more suited to a cleaner or "prettier" look. For instance, if someone says, "Let me arch your brows", RUN! …Usually all men need is a little of a clean up. Speaking of…

-Don’t wax. Do tweeze. Typically, tweezing is a slower process to allow a man to see the progression. Waxing is really quick but can look too clean, blocked off, or square in shape. While you do that…

-Do take a step back. Whether you’re home or at a salon, have your brows combed up with a comb or brush and trim what sticks out and over the main shape, then tweeze the underneath. Afterward, take a step back from the mirror. Guy’s hair can be so dense and dark, that it can look draw-on if the line gets too perfect. One should always stop while there’s “just one more out of place” because that “one more" can keep going till your #BettyDavisEyes are scaring the children!

Guy Grooming Eyebrows
Overgrooming Eyebrow's for men