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3 Essential Steps to Skincare

by ELAN Nashville on Jun 01, 2014

You’re busy. It’s the American way.
That’s why few of us, save Bravo’s Real Housewives and royalty, have time for 10 skincare steps.

So, our Elan Experts have identified the 3 essential steps to protecting your skin with a minimalist approach: cleanse, exfoliate and protect.

Cleansing the debris, makeup and excess oil from the skin is particularly important.  Use a good gel cleanser that foams up and gets the skin clean without over drying.

To exfoliate dead skin cells, our Elan Experts recommend a Retinol or product with Alpha Hydroxy Acids at night. These products also even skin tone, smooth texture and keep blackheads and breakouts under control.

Elan offers many variations including Retinol creams to full-prescription strength Retin-A.

The ultimate approach to protecting skin during the day is two-fold. Use Vitamin C followed by an SPF. Vitamin C is the mother antioxidant which helps to brighten and protect the skin. Remember, when in direct sunlight, reapplication is more important than the level of SPF.

It neutralizes free radicals which bombard the skin every day and will eventually break it down. When used prior to an SPF, Vitamin C also enhances the effectiveness of SPF.